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Scorched Earth Day Fest

Jun. 10 • 3PM

We are excited to announce we are again hosting the 2017 Scorched Earth Day Fest, a live music and craft beer fest, on Saturday, June 10th from 3-10 pm. The music lineup is set featuring a unique and entertaining lineup of original music - Indie Alternative, Folk, Americana Rock, Soul Pop and Electronic - it's gonna be a blast!

This year, the music lineup features the following:

This year's street food lineup will feature some of our favorites from the area - pizza, barbecue, tacos, gourmet grilled cheeses, and new this year a dessert option - from all of these fine eateries:

Definitely drool worthy!

And for the beer, Hickster, Giant Killer, Exiled Angel and some of our seasonals will be featured. A new New Zealand pale gets released at the fest, along with some other unique creations. You'll also find some barrel aged beers and sours on tap. 

An additional beer station, a new and improved music stage, some lawn games, and an expanded fest grounds. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! SAVE THE DATE!

Follow this event for more details over the next couple of weeks.