Will headshot


Taproom Shift Leader

Favorite Beer: 

All Time Favorite: Mexican Hot Chocolate Imperial pajamas -Begyle 

Favorite “Saturday with the boys” Beer: PBR

Scorched Earth Favorite Beer: Double Killer

Hobbies: As far as activities I like to Fly fish, hike and snowboard. I love grilling, all year round (Yeah it’s commitment baby..). Smoking meats, working around the yard, enjoying a couple of cold ones with the boys and hanging around with my chickens. I like to keep it simple.

Where I’m From: McHenry, IL 

Favorite Vacation Spot: One trip that stands out would be Strawberry Park Hot Springs right outside Steamboat Springs, Co. Hands down one of the best things to do out there after a long day on the mountain! 

Something Unique About Me: I can make a killer igloo. Im the best around hands down. Prove me wrong.