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Scorched Earth Brewing Company

A Name With History

The namesake of the brewery, initially forged by the founder’s interest to claim a name that truly represented the land and its history, is key to Scorched Earth’s ongoing legacy. The story goes that years before Illinois was settled, much of it was covered by vast swaths of prairie grasses which often were set ablaze in prairie fires. These fires were occasionally ignited by driving storms, lightning and were truly destructive. Others fires were purposefully started as a means of providing new areas for growth and expansion. As with all wildland fires there is true devastation and a barren ecosystem left in its wake. Out of those events came growth, resiliency, diversity and a fresh start. Scorched Earth has and continues to symbolize fresh starts by continuing its legacy of creating a fresh, creative and a diverse portfolio of beers and honoring the history and culture of Algonquin and the surrounding landscape as told through the evolving experience of sharing local beer.

Our Staff

The Ladies and Gents Who Make it All Happen

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Chapter Two - New Ownership

After growing up in McHenry, I've lived in a few different places in Chicago, California and Arizona.  As a craft beer enthusiast, along the way I've found many craft beers I love, and a few breweries that are in a class of their own.  Upon moving back "home" to be close to family, I also found an opportunity to realize one of my lifelong dreams...to own my own business.  Scorched Earth Brewing Company presented the opportunity to weave these passions and dreams together.  I hope to find the perfect balance of honoring its legacy and brand, along with bringing new beers and experiences to this amazing taproom.  Scorched Earth Brewing Company will continue its journey for our community, our customers, and for the employees to be a part of.  My aspiration is to build new flavors, aromas, and experiences while not losing sight on the rich history. I hope everyone shares my enthusiasm on what “Chapter 2” brings for all of us.  

All the Best!
Greg Doyen

Owner, Scorched Earth Brewing Co

The Scorched Earth Family